Is this for you?

At the end of the day you need to know in your heart if this is right for you. Here is a quick check list you can go over to see how it all sounds to you:

What do you think?
Yes Perhaps No
1 Do you love and respect dogs?
2 Can you work with people?
3 Do you want to be your own boss?
4 Are you willing to take a chance with your finances?
5 Do you mind getting dirty?
6 Are you in good physical shape & like working hard?
7 Do you have the proper vehicle?
8 Do you have a computer, mobile phone & internet?
9 Can you do the accounting or can you hire someone?
10 Do you have the drive and ambition to work alone?

How did you do on this simple quiz?

If you answered mostly ‘yes’ to the above chart than it sounds like this is the right career move for you! Please download the Dog Walker Starter Kit and get started today!

If you had mainly ‘no’ checked than perhaps this is not the career move for you. Perhaps take some more time to read through the site, there is allot of information to help you decide if this is something that may indeed be a good fit for you in your life right now.