Things to Consider

When I started my own dog walking company my skills included the following:

–      A deep love of dogs and adventure

–      A love and respect for outdoor hiking

–      An entrepreneurial spirit that propelled me forward

Beyond my will I basically did not have anything else in my back pocket to startup my own home-based business, but I did! There were naysayers that did not think this was a good use of my time but I simply ignored all the half-filled comments and plowed ahead.

I started by going online and checking out all my completion. I was living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada at that time and dog walking was like the ‘wild wild west’. Everyone seemed to be doing it and without much regard for the dogs or the parks.

Trucks would pull up and the dog walker would flip open the back tailgate and out would leap in a frothing frenzy 10, 15, sometimes 20 dogs! All in one truck! Insane!

So before you join the ‘wild wild west’ here are some things you should consider:  For a full outline please download the Dog Walker Starter Kit.

1>  Research the Market – know who your competitors are

2>  Business Sense – write a business plan

3>  Decide on the size of your company – solo or employee’s?

4>  Services offered – walking, pet sitting, more?

5>  Web Presence – get online

6>  Advertise – get your clients

7>  Rates – what will you charge?

8>  Training – get trained in pet first aid and more

9>  Insurance – get covered

10> All Season work – be prepared to work in all weather all the time

11>  Understanding your clients – know how to deal with all types of people

12> Understanding your dogs – know how to deal with all breeds of dogs