Marketing & Advertising

So now that you have decided this is for you and you have downloaded all the forms from the Kit – how are you going to get your clients? Well – advertise, of course!

Keep this top of mind – your advertising efforts must be continual. You cannot think that if you put up a few posters, hand out a few cards, and tell a few people that you are off and running. You need to be out there all the time letting people know of your business and how fabulous it is. So please do not make the mistake of stopping advertising once you have some clients. Clients are not a constant commodity in fact they can be one of your biggest liabilities because they can leave at any time for any reason.

Here are a few more tips:

o    Come up with a great name – register it!

o    Create a usable and simple website with SEO embedded in it for search engines

o    Create your business cards – have them with you always

o    Make posters

o    Advertise online if you can afford it

o    Create relationships with other dog related professionals

o    Wear branded gear

o    Start a wait list

o    Word of mouth

o    Consider print lastly – it is expensive and not always the first point of searching for your clients

o    Use social media like Face Book and Twitter etc

o    Consider community give-backs to local shelters, etc

o    Create community events to raise awareness for your company and to help a dog cause locally

There is so much written about effective advertising and marketing – do some research. This is the one critical piece you need to have a plan in place and actively work on. You should set aside time every day or week to review your advertising and goals and tweak it as needed. I can’t stress this enough in order for you to brilliantly succeed and I want you to!

I spend thousands a year on online advertising for my dog services company, I have an active and aggressive Google Ad Words campaign, my site is SEO (Search Engine Optimized), I have a hot social media plan in place using Twitter, Face Book, my blog and more, I have relationships with vets, dog trainers, groomers and more.

Now that I have been doing this for a while most of my business comes from referral and word of mouth. I keep my standards very high, hire only the best and train people and I serve my clients very well.

For more information on each of the above advertising points please download the Dog Walker Starter Kit and read more about how to set this all up and be successful. I am sure some of the above sounds foreign or scary to some of you but believe me – anyone can do all of the above with all the technological help that is out there for people like us.

Good luck!