What People Are Saying

“This is the best dog walking kit ever! I was up and running in less than a day! “

Jill from Burnaby, BC

“I always wanted to be a dog walker but could never source the clients. Thanks to this kit, I have a great group of clients and my pack is really starting to gel. Now I just need better rain gear.”

Ted.S, Port Moody, BC

“It was really simple and totally sweet to set-up. I had a few issues with setting up my website but now that I am up and running I am starting to get clients and I LOVE the dogs!.”

R.Wanger, Seattle

“I have been up and running for a while and now I need to hire a person to help me – this freaks me out a bit but speaks to the need of the work and to the value of these kits.”

Less.P, Brantford, Ont

“I was skeptical at first but it was worth every penny. It would have taken me ages to figure this out. The forms and guide set me up right out of the box so to say and now I am out there in all weather loving the dogs and losing weight as a side benefit. Very cool and very easy.”

Jeremy.S, NYC

“I never knew you could make money walking dogs! Cool!”

Laurie.R, Bathhurst, Australia

“I have been walking dogs in my area for a while but wanted to take it to the next level but did not know where to start. This kit helped me over my hump and now I have two contractors working for me.”

Sheila,T, London, UK

“Calgary is a tough market for dog walking, totally saturated so I wanted to do it right. I set up my business with the templates provided and had my cousin help me with my website and branding. I am now doing better than many walkers in the SW.”

Sheldon,B, Calgary, AB