How much can you make?

The dog services industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. Even with the recent recession in many economies around the world the pet industry has been resistant.

“The impact of the recession on consumer spending and attitudes will continue to dominate economics for pet-related small businesses in 2011. It has long been thought that pet-related spending is recession proof and 2010 certainly tested that theory. As a result, we can certainly say the pet category is at least recession resistant, with pet-related sales growing slightly in 2009 and 2010. There aren’t too many categories that can say that in this difficult economic environment.” Small Business Trends 2010

Clearly this is a growing industry and one that needs more people involved in the dog service industry. So how much money can you make as a dog walker? There are many variables involved in coming up with a salary range but some influencers would include:

–      Your experience, advertising reach, web presence, social media reach, etc

–      Your region or the area you live in

–      Your rates – how much you charge per visit and how many visits you make in a day

–      Your schedule – how many walks you offer a day

–      Your services – what services do you offer on top of dog walking

–      Your company size or how many people work for you

Fictional Scenario – ‘Wags and Walks’

Here is a quick and dirty calculation based on the following fictional scenario:

‘Wags and Walks’ (fictional company for this example) has been in business for three months. They have a website and have advertised on a few local dogs listing sites as well as set up a Twitter account. They have put up posters near the parks by their home and have some business cards. The company consists of Martha, a stay at home mother of two who are in school during the day and her husband Nick who is an accountant and helps with the books and other business related issues.

Martha offers two off leash one hour walks a day with a maximum group size of 6 dogs. She walks one group in the morning and one in the afternoon. She walks Monday to Friday only.

She currently has 4 dogs in the morning group and 5 in the afternoon group. She has room to grow. Martha charges $18/walk for off leash dogs.

Her income would roughly look like:

$18 x 9 visits =$162 per day

$162 day x 5 days = $810.00

$810 x 4 weeks = $3,240.00 month

If Martha had two full groups of 6 dogs in each group her income would look like:

$18 x 12 visits =$216 per day

$216 day x 5 days = $1,080.00

$1,080 x 4 weeks = $4,320.00 month

Martha could also offer mid day puppy visits or senior walks to bring her income even further up. She is also considering supplementing her income with in-home pet sitting and perhaps yard scooping at some point in the future.

So – as you can see there is great potential to make money by being a professional dog walker. There are other factors to consider as well – you can charge more if there are multiple dogs in the home or by offering extra services.

Sounds pretty great hey? Download the Dog Walker Starter Kit to get going.