What do Dog Walkers Do?

A dog walker has a glorious job! They are hired and paid well to care for peoples dogs as needed as a living.

A dog walker will be asked to walk a dog for a variety of reasons – here are a few of the more common ones below:

  • The Client is out of the house for most of the day and needs their dog let out for a bio break (bathroom) or to burn off some energy with a walk.
    • Walk can be on leash – private or with group
    • Walk can be off leash – private or with group
  • The Client is older and can no longer give the dog the love, exercise and attention they used to have.
  • The Client may be on disability and needs some extra care.
  • The Client is too exhausted at the end of the day and does not have the time or energy to their walk dog.
  • The Client has an energetic dog that may be destructive in the house if left alone so a walk will burn off some of their energy.
  • The Client crates their dog while they are out and does not want them left crated an entire day.
  • The Client needs help giving medication to their dog during the day.
  • The Client has a new puppy and needs help letting it out while they are away during the day (rule of thumb a puppy cannot hold their bladder for more than 4 hours approximately). Puppy programs are very popular.

Dog Walkers can offer single on leash walks or on-leash walks in a small group in their neighborhood or more popular would be small groups taken to a park to run around for an hour or more during the day. This would require an appropriate vehicle.

Cleaning up the dog after the walk is included so have loads of clean towels on hand. The Client also usually supplies towels.

All in all a Dog Walker gets paid to walk dogs! As I said – a glorious job that is full of very happy dogs always eager to great you with a wag and a smile.