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Getting Social & Eating out with Fido – Yappy Hour

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Guest Post: Trips with Pets

All over the United States, dog friendly restaurants, bars and hotels are embracing the idea of Yappy Hour – a dog friendly cocktail hour where pooches and their owners can socialize and enjoy drinks, treats, and delicious “yappetizers.” We’ve looked high and low to bring you some of the nation’s best Yappy Hours. If you don’t see one near you on our list, check around at your local dog friendly restaurants, hotels and pubs, which you can find right here on TripsWithPets.com!

The Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel, California
From May through September, the Ritz-Carlton in Laguna Niguel, California offers the ultimate in upscale Yappy Hours. Human diners can enjoy burgers, beer and wine, while their canine counterparts delight in complimentary hand-made dog biscuits and fancy meat and cheese-flavored water. The hotel even offers a special Howl-O-Ween Yappy Hour in October, and a Yappy Howl-iday celebration in December. The proceeds of each Happy Hour support Friends of Orange County’s Homeless Pets, so you can feel great about bringing your pooch.

Rumor, the Las Vegas Boutique Resort, Las Vegas, Nevada
On the third Thursday of each month (excluding holidays), Rumor Las Vegas Boutique Resort in Las Vegas welcomes dogs of all breeds, shapes and sizes to their renowned Yappy Hour. Featuring great cocktails, yappetizers, live DJs, doggie contests and free doggy goodie bags, Rumor promises a fantastic time for humans and canines alike.

The Liberty Hotel, Boston, Massachusetts
Once a city jail, the Liberty Hotel is now one of Boston’s finest, most eclectic, and most dog friendly places to stay. Due to its popularity, this year the hotel’s Yappy Hour has become “Yappier Hour.” Yappier Hour will be held from 5:30 until 8:00 pm every Wednesday throughout the fall, weather permitting. The fun takes place in The Yard – an enclosed space that used to serve as the exercise yard for the jail’s inmates!

Wonder Bar, Asbury Park, New Jersey
There’s truly no place for your pooch like the Wonder Bar in Asbury Park, New Jersey. This is a fun-in-the-sun haven for dogs and their owners, where a crowd of dogs can play, enjoy complimentary treats, and splash in the pool to their hearts’ content as their humans enjoy delicious drink specials. Yappy Hour is held every Thursday, Saturday and Sunday from 4 to 7 pm beginning in April and ending in November.

Allentown Brew Works, Allentown, Pennsylvania
If you love incredible hand-crafted beer, and you love hanging out with your best canine buddy, Allentown Brew Works in Allentown, Pennsylvania is the place to come. Every Monday from 5:30 pm to 8:30pm, Doggie Yappy Hour is held on the elegant Biergarten Patio. On the menu: artisanal and seasonal beer and the ‘Yappy Hour Special,’ the purchase price of which goes toward a respected animal charity.

Hotel Monaco Alexandria, Alexandria, Virginia
At the luxury Hotel Monaco in Alexandria, Virginia, the Doggie Yappy Hour is a community event, where locals and their pups can mingle with hotel guests from around the world. The event takes place Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 5pm, and runs from April through October. For the furry set, doggie treats and fresh water are on the house, and a doggie goodie bag is offered. For the human set, there’s the Jackson 20’s Bar Menu, which offers regional dishes, craft beers, cocktails, and a wine list featuring local vintages.

World of Beer
In Miami, at the World of Beer’s Dadeland location, Yappy Hour lasts all day. What’s more, your dog gets treats, and you get $1 off of any beer that has “dog” in its name, except for Dogfish Head beer (it is named for a fish!)

Remember that for health code reasons, dogs are not allowed inside restaurant areas. Yappy hours are held in outdoor seating areas.  In addition, your dog must be properly socialized and on his or her best behavior at any Yappy Hour. For specific rules and regulations, contact the establishment before you attend.

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Dog TV

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Yes – that is right – there is now an official channel for dogs to watch TV….

Our puppy Ava seems fascinated by the TV and sometimes watches. She gets really into it when there is an animal program, so perhaps there is something to it.

I personally am on the fence since we do not watch that much TV as it is and prefer to spend our time in the forest or doingother activitives – that is what a PVR is for after all ;] Besides why would we have a dog if we wanted to watch TV? Dogs are meant to be out exploring the world and teaching us to be kinder.

Anyways – here is the link to the new channel – check it out and let us know your views on having your pooch watch some doggie TV!


Rani and Ava


Welcome to DOGTV

The First Television Channel for dogs

Scientifically developed. Pup approved. DOGTV is cable’s first network created exclusively for canines, and the humans who love them.

DOGTV’s 24/7 programing helps stimulate, entertain, relax and habituate dogs with shows that expose them to various movements, sounds, objects, experiences and behavior patterns, all from a dog’s point of view.

DOGTV is a 24/7 digital TV channel with programing scientifically developed to provide the right company for dogs when left alone. Through years of research with some of the world’s top pet experts, special content was created to meet specific attributes of a dog’s sense of vision and hearing and supports their natural behavior patterns. The result: a confident, happy dog, who’s less likely to develop stress, separation anxiety or other related problems.

DOGTV is recognized by the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), and uses concepts widely supported by leading organizations including The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) and the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) as a valuable product that contributes to the enrichment and quality of dogs’ lives.


Pet Friendly Hotels Where Pets Stay FREE!

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Not all pet friendly hotels and accommodations are created equal.  Pet policies vary widely among pet friendly accommodations.  Some hotels are only dog friendly; some pet friendly hotels only allow pets under 25 lbs., some have a 2 pet maximum, and almost all of them charge a pet fee  – ranging from $10/night to a non-refundable pet deposit upwards of $100 (a.k.a.  pet fee).

There are, however, some standout pet friendly hotel chains that allow your pets to stay for free.

Motel 6
This budget minded hotel chain was one of the first chains to allow pets.  Conveniently located along all major highways, Motel 6 is a favorite among pet travelers looking for a stay along their travel route.  All of Motel 6 properties allow service animals and well behaved pets (unless they pose a safety risk or are prohibited by law).  And the best part is pets stay for free!

Red Roof Inns
This pet friendly hotel chains does a great job of welcoming pets (they even have a facebook page dedicated to pets called Red Roof Luvs Pets).  All of Red Roof Inns 345 locations are pet friendly and all of them allow pets to stay for free.   Their motto is You Stay Happy, Pets Stay Free!

La Quinta
Well behaved pets are welcomed at all but 4 of their 800+ La Quinta locations. La Quinta is known for offering quality service and providing its guests with many of the features and amenities offered at high end hotels. Most importantly, La Quinta loves pets and does not charge pet guests for their stays.  When booking online be sure to mention that you are traveling with your pet in the “Special Requests” section.  If calling to book, be sure to let the reservation agent know.

Kimpton Hotels
Kimpton Hotels are a super pet friendly boutique hotel chain that raises the bar when it comes to being pet friendly.  As part of their pet program, hosPETality, in addition to pets staying free, any number of pets are welcome regardless of size, weight, kind, or breed.   Each pet friendly Kimpton Hotel offers its own unique pet friendly services and amenities.  Be sure to check them out if you are looking for some serious pet pampering.

When staying at any of these pet friendly hotels, you must always register your pet upon check-in.  In addition, it’s important to abide by the house rules and follow proper pet etiquette to ensure that you and your dog, cat, or other furry friend is welcomed back.

TripsWithPets.com is the premier online guide for pet travel – offering resources to ensure pets are welcome, happy, and safe when traveling.  Visit www.tripswithpets.com, to find a directory of  pet friendly hotels and accommodations across the U.S. and Canada, airline pet policies, car rental pet polices, pet travel tips, pet travel supplies, along with other pet travel resources.




Super Bowl for the dogs!

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I love this ad! It follows brilliantly from the one with the little boy dressed up as Darth Vader – really fantastic!

This was definitely the year for dog ads – will post more soon!



The Dog Strikes Back from DTan on Vimeo.


Beautiful Day at the Dog Park

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Beautiful Day at the Dog Park from Kelsey Wynns on Vimeo.

 What Playing in a Dog Park Looks Like from a Dog’s Point of View (Hint: Awesome)

(Guest Post)

I’ve always wondered what the world looks like from a dog’s point of view. After watching this video, now I know. Kelsey Wynn outfitted his Great Dane, Bishop, with a GoPro and took him to the dog park to play. You get to see everything Bishop’s see and it looks so freaking fun.

Wynn attached one GoPro to Bishop’s harness and then built another rig equipped with a second GoPro (PVC monopod) to get different angles. He then combined the footage and sloooww moootttioned it to bring incredible detail to what goes on down in the dog zone. I love seeing dogs up close and at their natural height (as opposed to our way up there perspective), it totally feels like I’m watching the world from inside their brain. Also, in slow motion, some of this dog playing looks a little vicious! [Kelsey Wynn via Laughing Squid]



Pet Friendly Car Rental: What to Know When Renting a Car with Your Pet

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Do your travel plans with your pet include renting a car?  If so, be sure to plan ahead and take some necessary precautions to ensure your car rental experience is a good one.  Most major car rental companies are pet friendly.  That is, they allow pets to travel in their vehicles.  However, all have restrictions and guidelines.  Here are some common issues that people with pets face when renting a car.

Stinky Pet Smells
There is nothing worse than getting into a rental car that reeks of smoke, dirty diapers, a Big Mac & fries, or too much after shave!  Well, getting into a car that has stinky pet odors isn’t much fun either – even for us pet lovers.  Cat urine and wet dog are the most common odors that linger after a pet and their person have rented a car.

Remnants and Hitchhikers
In addition to the smells, pet hair and dirt are among the presents left behind by pet passengers in rental cars.  Pets also bring along unwelcome hitchhikers who decide to hop off inside the car rental!  These hitchhikers are ticks and fleas.  Car rentals companies aren’t too happy when they are left to clean up the mess your pooch or kitty made in the back seat – let alone de-flea and de-tick the rental car.  And you are sure to be less happy because you will have to pay for the clean-up.

Damage – Inside & Out
Just as you are liable for any damage done to the outside of the car, you are also liable for any damage done to the inside of your rental car. Gnawed off seat corners, scratched fine Corinthian leather, or a stick shift used as a chew toy are among the interior damages that pets can cause.

We can’t overlook damage that pets indirectly cause to the outside of the car.  When a pet travels in a vehicle and is allowed to “roam free” it’s a recipe for disaster.  Unsecured pets commonly distract the driver.  Whether the driver turns around to pet their dog or their cat is scratching on the back of their seat, or their dog is bouncing around the car barking at the wind blowing – these are major distractions and they cause car accidents.  If you have to stop fast or rear end someone while traveling, pets have been known to be projectiles – right through the windshield.  In addition, if you are in an accident and emergency help comes, when they open your car door, an unsecured pet can dart off and either get lost or at worst get hit by a car.

Follow these common sense tips and suggestions to avoid an unnecessary charges by car rental companies and more importantly, to keep you and our pet safe when traveling.

  1. Before your trip, give your pet a bath and trim their nails
  2. Be sure your pet is flea and tick free and is using a flea and tick preventative
  3. Wipe/dry  your pet off (body and paws) before they get into the car
  4. Bring along a pet spray to squelch wet dog odor
  5. Brush your pet frequently to get rid of loose hair
  6. Cover the seats of the rental car
  7. Bring along a hair pick up brush to clean seats
  8. Don’t leave your pet in the car unattended
  9. Properly restrain your pet in the vehicle by using either a pet seat belt/pet safety harness, travel kennel, vehicle pet barrier, or pet car seat

Taking some common sense measures will help ensure that you and your pet have a safe road trip and a car rental experience free of strife.  (These tips are may also be applied when you are staying at pet friendly hotels & accommodations!)

For more information, on the policies of pet friendly car rental companies, click here.

TripsWithPets.com is the premier online guide for pet travel – offering resources to ensure pets are welcome, happy, and safe when traveling.  Visit www.tripswithpets.com, to find a directory of pet friendly hotels & accommodations across the U.S. and Canada, airline pet policies, car rental pet polices, pet travel tips, pet travel supplies, along with other pet travel resources.


Trip to New York!

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Hi all – we are off to New York to take in the vibe of Christmas.

Enjoy the next week or so and see you soon.



Dog Walker Starer Kit




Consumer Habits of Sniffing Out Pet Friendly Hotels & Accommodations

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While most of the economy limps along, the pet industry is thriving.  It is estimated that $50.84 billion will be spent on our pets in the U.S. in 2011.  America’s and the world’s love affair with their pets is evidenced by their spending habits. Dog and cat parent’s spending is at an all time high…and much of it is on pet travel expenses. That’s right – falling in line right behind pet health & boarding  expenses, dog and cat parents are opening up their pocket books to take Fido and Fluffy to pet friendly hotels and buy them those much need  pet travel supplies.

We conducted an online survey of pet parents who travel with their dogs and cats to uncover what they look for when sniffing out dog and cat friendly hotels and accommodations.  Here are their top 5.

  1. Pet Fees: Even though pet parents aren’t afraid to open up their wallets for their cats and dogs, they still want a deal.  When choosing pet friendly hotels or accommodations, pet parents compare pet fees when determining where to book their stay.  Many look negatively on pet friendly accommodations that charge high pet fees, as they equate high pet fees as “not pet friendly.”
  2. Pet Amenities:  Pet welcome baskets, pet beds, and pet bowls are among the little touches that go a long way with pet parents.  To most, the way to their hearts is through their pets. Pet friendly hotels and accommodations that offer these perks to pamper Fido and Fluffy factor into their decision of where to stay.  Pet amenities become more of a factor for longer stays or vacation stays.  Dog walking, pet sitting and pet concierge services are among the amenities that become more important to pet parents for these types of stays.
  3. Location:  Pet parents are less apt to drive off the beaten path for accommodations when traveling with their pet.  When they are booking overnight stays on their way to their final destination, they will select pet friendly accommodations closest to their route and are willing to pay a little bit more for it.  Cat pet parents in particular have a stronger preference to not drive any further than they have to.  Generally, cats aren’t as seasoned travelers as dogs and aren’t as happy traveling.  Hence, the less time in the car, the better.
  4. Pet Policy:  Accommodations and hotels that allow pets, but whose pet policies list numerous restrictions are perceived as “not pet friendly.”  Pet parents are less likely to book their stay at accommodations whose pet policy is loaded with restrictions and penalties.  They seek out accommodations that welcome their pets and therefore tend to pass on accommodations with overly restrictive pet policies.
  5. Loyalty to Pet Friendly Hotels Chains:  A very interesting habit of pet parents is that once they find a pet friendly hotel chain that takes care of their dog or cat to their liking they will tend to book at that pet friendly hotel chain even at times when they are not traveling with their pet.  As mentioned before, the way to their hearts is through their pets!

As the world’s love affair with their pets grows, pet parents will continue to flex their financial muscle…raising the bar for pet friendly hotels and pet travel.

For more information, visit www.tripswithpetscom. TripsWithPets.com is the premier online guide for pet travel-offering resources to ensure pets are welcome, happy and safe when traveling. Visit www.tripswithpets.com to find a directory of pet friendly hotels and accommodations across the U.S. and Canada, airline policies, pet travel tips, pet travel supplies, along with other pet travel resources.


Pet Friendly Hotels with Over-the-Top Pet Pampering

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Sherry Burdic


As pet lovers, we know it’s just not a vacation if we don’t bring our family’s four-legged member! Vacations are about enjoying time together, relaxing, and de-stressing. Selecting the right hotel or accommodation that allows pets will make or break your vacation with dog or cat.  Not all pet friendly hotels and accommodations are created equal.  Did you know that many accommodations offer our pets the same amenities that we get? Hotels know how important our dogs and cats are to us, so they are offering an array of different pet services and amenities to make our furry ones feel right at home when they travel. With more and more pet parents refusing to travel without their pets, it only makes sense for hotels and other accommodations to start catering to the whole family.

Pet Welcome Packs & Stocked Rooms
Don’t you just love it when you get to your room and there is a nice packet of goodies waiting for you?  Maybe with some snacks, bottled water, nice toiletries, and some information on area activities? Well your dog or cat can also get a nice welcome package depending on where you’re staying. If you’re at a Loews hotel, each pet that stays gets a personal note from the hotel GM with a full list of different activities and services just for your pet. Oftentimes, pet friendly hotels will have food and water dishes, toys, scratching posts and treats like chicken, salmon, or tuna (among many other delicious items). If you peek into a mini bar, you might find some delicious cookies or biscuits for Fido.

It’s also not unheard of for rooms to be equipped with dog and cat beds, complete with pet turn down service and treats each night that they can enjoy while you eat the chocolate left on YOUR pillow. At Boston’s Nine Zero Hotel, their doggie guests are given ID tags and a special room service menu. If you’re staying at New York City’s W hotels, you can also arrange for pet birthday cakes if you happen to be staying there during that special occasion.

Spa Services for Dogs and Cats
Yes, you can schedule a relaxing massage or pawdicure for your pet at the Epic Hotel in Miami.  In addition to the VIP (Very Important Pet) amenity delivered to your room upon arrival, your pampered pet can get a bubble bath, nail trim, and massage!  If you’re at the Casa Laguna Inn & Spa in Laguna Beach, you can schedule a massage for both you and your pet.  The masseuse and pet massage therapist will come right to your guest suite – the lap of luxury!

Pet Psychics & Events
Did you ever want to learn about your pets’ past lives?  Well, as part of Affinia Hotels Jet Set Pets Program, your pet can have a reading from a pet psychic.  Not only can you learn if your dog was a cat in a past life, but you can find out what your pet is thinking, as well as communicate with a pet that has passed over.

When you’re in Alexandria, Virginia at Hotel Monaco, get ready for Doggie Happy Hour where it’s all about the pooches.  Every Tuesday and Thursday from 5 to 8 PM, from April through October, Hotel Monaco goes to the dogs!  Complimentary doggie treats are served along with unlimited fresh water keeping the pooches happy, while adult human cocktails and pub fare ensure a fun gathering for all.

Some Kimpton Hotels host pet costume parties where you can dress up your pets and get together for some fun so everyone can get to know each other.  Many pet friendly hotels host meet-and-greets and cocktail parties where humans and pets alike can socialize.

Other Pet Friendly Services
Ever receive a questionnaire from a hotel prior to your stay so that you can tell them exactly what kind of services you’re looking for? The Peninsula Beverly Hills does just that and even sends pet preference surveys!  It gives the hotel a chance to know what your dog or cat might be interested in doing and which services she will want to partake in.  Many properties offer pet sitting services, dog walking services, and even a concierge to arrange any additional pet pampering.

Surf’s Up!  Let your dog hang 20 at the Loews Coronado Bay Resort in California.  This resort gives dog surfing lessons alongside their human so they can both enjoy some time in the sand and surf.  At the Arizona Biltmore, you can sign your dog up for some Doga (dog yoga) classes if your canine needs to regain some Zen.

It’s not just the posh hotels that are offering all of these wonderful things for our pets.  There has been a large movement over the last few years in many hotel chains, vacation renals, motels, and bed and breakfasts to make sure traveling dogs and cats are comfortable during vacations as well.  One of the best parts of this trend is the welcoming attitude that accompanies all of the services.  Pets are treated with the same love and respect that they receive from their own family members.

When you plan your next trip, be sure to check out TripsWithPets for a complete listing of pet friendly hotels, bed & breakfasts, vacation rentals, and other pet friendly accommodations.

For more information, visit www.tripswithpets.com.  TripsWithPets.com is the premier online guide for pet travel – offering resources to ensure pets are welcome, happy, and safe when traveling.  Visit www.tripswithpets.com, to find a directory of pet friendly hotels & accommodations across the U.S. and Canada, airline pet policies, pet travel tips, pet travel supplies, along with other pet travel resources.


Going on Vacation, again! See you all soon!

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Happy Holidays everyone!

See you in a few weeks!

Off to Osoyoos and Kelowna for some beach time and wine tours!

Keep your dogs happy and safe!

Cheers – Rani from Dog Walker Starter Kit!

ps – any questions or issues please email info@dogwalkerstarterkit.com and I will get back to you when I return.